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You can activate it when you need it and not have to give out a new phone number. You can even upload a custom message to play for anyone who calls your number!

Moving across the country or going on a temporary leave? Not sure when or where you'll need service for that number? Don't just cancel your phone service and lose your number. Or worse, pay your provider's outrageous parking and activation fees. Park your old number and safely store it with NumberBarn. You can easily transfer it out to the provider of your choice or upgrade your plan with us for free.

You've had that old home phone number for years, but it's use has been replaced by your cell phone.

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Over those years you've used it as a contact for countless services and businesses, schools and organizations. Now you're ready to cancel it and save some money. What happens when you cancel that service and lose your number? Those calls, texts and personal contacts continue to reach that old phone number. And when that number is reissued, a new phone subscriber now has easy access that personal information. Parking your number lets you notify those contacts before your number goes back into circulation. Under the FCC's "local number portability" LNP rules , you are legally able to keep your number when you move or change phone companies.

You own that number you've had for years. You can transfer it to another phone service or park it and save it for later. That includes your old home phone, pre-paid cell phone, old business line or cell service. Learn more about LNP rules. Feel safe and secure when entrusting your phone numbers to NumberBarn. We Offer:. We can port most wireless and landline phone numbers in the United States and Canada.

Sorry, we don't support any other countries yet! Verify if we can port in your number here.

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Once your number has safely transferred to NumberBarn you can cancel your old phone service. Any callers who dial your parked number will hear a short, pre-recorded message telling them the number is parked with NumberBarn. To hear this message, call You can upload a custom. Adding a number to our website has increased conversions of site visitors signing up and paid users!

For any business in the world to be taken seriously by US consumers a company should be using a Toll Free Number because it is the gold standard of telephone numbers. Numbers that spell something! There are a lot of prefixes that are designated toll-free by the US government like , , , etc but the Gold standard is If you want to look like a fortune business use an number as your number.

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The newest extension was released in and offers lots of spellings for long words. The 7 character words might all be gone, but plenty of 6 and 5 character words are still available. Grab yours before it is taken forever. Get a toll-free number and increase your sales globally Search, order, and activate your unique number today!

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Available Turn your world into your office. See www. Valid for new customers only who are residents of the 48 contiguous United States, 18 years or older. Cannot be combined with any other promotional offer. Offer good while supplies last. Limited one prepaid or gift card "Card" per household.

An eligible customer must be active and in good standing and subscribe to Vonage for two bill cycles. After approval of eligibility, allow business days for the Card to be issued. Terms and conditions are applied to the Cards.

Vonage has the sole right to decide all matters and disputes arising from the Card, and all decisions are final. All taxes on Cards are solely Customer's responsibility. Vonage is not responsible for any damage to the Card sustained during delivery or product defects of any kind. In the event that the Card becomes unavailable for any reason, Vonage reserves the right to provide a substitute of similar type and value.

Vonage Residential Support Enter a search topic. Support Home Contact Us. During activation, you also select a calling plan, telephone number and provide your address. Vonage does not supply Internet service. Whether you block a caller in Online Account or the Extensions App, your blocked list is merged. Vonage validates all phone numbers.

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If a partial number is displayed or the area code and exchange are not valid, you cannot block that caller. If a blocked caller calls you, they hear a message stating you are not available. If one of these blocked callers attempts to contact you, they hear a message stating their call cannot be completed until their Caller ID is unblocked. Outgoing Caller ID shows your Vonage home phone number. Calls can be forwarded to an international phone number and if the international number is not included in your Vonage calling plan, you can incur charges.

If you are experiencing technical issues, specifically a lack of dial tone, please contact our Customer Support department so we can assist in fixing this for you. If your adapter is still not functioning correctly, you must Chat with Us or Call Us for a replacement. Next payment date is more than 4 days away. Account is not on a promotional plan. No phone lines are on the Annual Prepay Plan. Billing date has not been changed more than three times in the past 12 months. Vonage does not accept payment by mail or in person.