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Now that collection, which includes more than 70 paintings and an extensive archive of related material, is going on view at the Hilbert — the most expansive display of the collection since the s. Atchison St. In his first exhibition with the gallery, the New York artist is presenting a series of portraits inspired by collage: curious, cobbled-together figures that are composed of fragments of photos and advertising, but which Quinn renders painstakingly by hand.

Camden Drive, Beverly Hills, gagosian. Employing only graphite pencil and Bristol paper, Beltz produces elaborate patterned drawings that also dwell on the cosmic. This new series is all about the lunar.

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La Cienega Blvd. Stanczak was a pioneer of Op -Art a reference to optical illusions , creating paintings that employ pattern and gradations of color to create subtle plays on light. This exhibition gathers work produced by the artist during an eight-year period in the s. Highland Ave. A group show features work by more than half a dozen contemporary artists working in an abstract vein — producing canvases that layer shape and riotous color. Santa Fe Ave. His massive wall hangings are inspired by Zimbabwean textiles but his materials are drawn from the ravages of modern waste.

In a large new solo exhibition, the Baltimore-based artist explores environmental calamity in the form of elegiac, black-and-white paintings. The Los Angeles artist, known for her ribald depictions of middle-aged men and babies and baby men wreaking all manner of havoc bodily and otherwise , is presenting a new series of paintings and videos.

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As the title implies, the show also examines the fraught nature of mothering. Edgewood Place, Mid-Wilshire, davidkordanskygallery. Blake uses gender-neutral pronouns. This exhibition features some of these artistic ensembles, aspects of which evoke the body and nod playfully to BDSM. Orange Grove Ave. It might be easy to think that television programming screened in the former Soviet bloc would have been an endless stream of propaganda. But reality was more complicated.

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Residents in border areas often received Western TV signals, complicating the picture of Soviet politics. And in the latter years under communist rule, TV networks introduced advertising — a capitalist conceit that was molded to socialist need. This exhibition looks at the television panorama in Eastern Europe during the Cold War. Robin F. The New York artist takes tropes of femininity and picks them apart on canvas, reimagining the sensual poses of advertising and imagining the physical embodiments of virtual assistants such as Siri and Alexa. When J. Paul Getty built a museum on his Malibu property in the late s, he chose to model it after the Villa dei Papiri in southern Italy, the luxurious Roman estate from AD 79 uncovered in This exhibition presents some of the most spectacular archeological finds from the site — including bronzes, marble statuary and objects from the library of papyrus scrolls that give the villa its name.

This new series takes misogynist expression and renders it in wry, decorative ways. This show at Deitch explores her early years in Los Angeles and Fresno, when Chicago was mastering the art of color and form. Orange Ave.

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In his second solo exhibition at Regen, Gates is taking his own wardrobe as a point of inspiration for a series of works that will come together to form a large-scale sculpture. The installation, which will feature a new vocal work by the artist, will also employ the storefront areas in ways that comment on questions of consumption and desire. The Brazilian artist is known for creating immersive environments from hand-dyed fabrics, spices and shells. These interactive spaces — which participants can often fully inhabit — are inspired by craft and the natural world.

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This provided plenty of inspiration for drawings and prints that dwell on the architectural and the industrial, images of trains, planes and buildings that were all reimagined as hybrids of each other. This show consists of a suite of 13 lithographs printed at the Tamarind Lithography Workshop in Colorado Blvd. Hood, an L.

But the pictures generated controversy there, where Parks was criticized for creating poverty porn. This led various Brazilian photographers to travel to the U. A group exhibition gathers works by 37 women artists who, over a span of 30 years, made prints at Francisco X. This includes lithographs, relief prints, monoprints and other works produced by artists such as Judith F. Photojournalist Richard Cross was only 33 years old when his car struck a landmine in Honduras and both he and a fellow journalist — Dial Torgerson, then Mexico bureau chief of the Los Angeles Times — were instantly killed.

This exhibition gathers work from until his death in , during which time Cross covered a range of liberation conflicts in Central America. The Argentine artist has spent two months in residency at the museum working on a suite of drawings that parallel the brutal similarities between desert and ocean.

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Drawn from the archives of the Wilson Centre for Photography in London, this exhibition features more than seldom-displayed salt prints that hark back to the earliest days of photography. Rashid takes American historical narratives, scrambles them, then reimagines them in paintings that take on issues such as colonization, war and the building of empires. Expect to see battalions of militiamen, freed slaves, indigenous nobility, all drawing on the visual and material traditions of colonial art.

VPAM is now showing the video from that work, which it has acquired as part of its permanent collection. The museum acquired the estate of the Sacramento-born painter and is now presenting works from his archive. Fonseca was known for his depictions of Coyote, a canine trickster who materializes in all manner of very human settings.

Through Jan. A group exhibition features contemporary Chinese artists who are deeply engaged with their materials, be it wood, fabric or assembled scraps of photography. This survey exhibition examines the four-decade career of Bradley Chippewa , who is known for producing vibrant, figurative paintings inspired by the Native experience — while also wryly poking at stereotypes and Hollywood tropes.

The L. Also on view are works by the late Abstract Expressionist Philip Guston, who in his later years, became known for delving into figuration and the grotesque. The show focuses specifically on works from , a pivotal year for the artist, including his Roma paintings and Richard Nixon drawings. A show inspired by found photographs links past and present: 12 contemporary artists — two American and 10 Indian — have created works based on images snapped by an unknown U. The new pieces encompass a wide variety of media, including painting, installation and artist books.

Los Robles Ave. Central Ave.

Through Feb. Garey Ave. One of his goals as an artist is to ultimately build a scale replica of the Hoover Dam. Now, Hawkins has installed a foot-tall, fully functioning lighthouse in the Mojave Desert in the vicinity of Barstow. The piece even features a light to guide travelers through this rugged landscape.

Directions and coordinates can be found on the website.

On long-term view, Hinkley, Calif. About Us. Brand Publishing. Times News Platforms. Real Estate. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options. In December, , the parish hall burned down. A new one was constructed, giving the people of this isolated area an instructional and recreational building. Over the years, the population of Aragon has decreased and that of Reserve has increased.

While Aragon is still the parish seat, more and more activities are directed from Reserve. Baptismal records indicate that priests were coming to administer to the people of Aragon since The mode of travel for priests during that time was on horseback, and later, on horse drawn carriages. The Pastor officiated weddings and Baptisms, heard confessions, and then offered Mass. Mass generally lasted two to three hours because the sermon amounted to catechetical instruction and explanation of the Gospels.

Often times, this was the only religious instruction available to the congregation. Father Albert Canova, a native of Switzerland who had been appointed pastor by the Archbishop of Santa Fe to the parish of Monticello a small town near T or C came out to the missions of Catron County in The parish of Monticello encompassed the counties of Sierra and Catron in the north central part of the State of New Mexico. In Catron County there were eight missions. Father Canova drove a Model T and would visit these missions every three months.

At that time, the main entrance to the church was on the south side, with the altar facing north. In , a sacristy was added to the east side of the church. This addition is the present altar of the church. Aragon was selected for the parish site and the parish was officially established in Father Joseph Osca, a native of Valencia, Spain was named first pastor.

To establish the necessary buildings, Father Osca began by enlarging the existing church. Next, a rectory and a Catholic Center were erected. A convent was also built for the Franciscan Sisters who were then teaching in the public school. School was taught by the sisters in the building across the highway from the church. In , the two-story rectory was remodeled and converted into a school.

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Later on, the Rev. Samuel J. Anne at Horse Springs. The St. Paul Mission at Mangus, no longer exists; however, part of the church is still standing. The construction dates for some of the churches in the missions are quite old, with those at Middle Frisco, now known as Reserve, and Lower Frisco built in the late s. Throughout the years repairs and renovations have been made to the church in Aragon.

The pews were constructed by here in Aragon. The plaques on some of the pews are dedicated to various members of the Aragon Community. In , much needed repairs were made to the church as follows: the roof was replaced; the electric system was rewired; a heating system was installed in the sacristy; the outside door of the sacristy was replaced; the west side doors of the church were replaced; the inside of the bell tower was repaired; some of the statues inside the church were restored; and the cross on top of the bell tower was replaced.

On September of , the Knights of Columbus from Santa Fe came to Aragon to assist the parishioners replace the floors of the sacristy and bell tower and to build a new closet. Services

They also helped to scrape the frames of the doors and windows on the outside of the church and to repaint them. The structure of the Grotto was repaired and our Lady of Lourdes and Saint Bernadette statues were replaced in Images via Wikimedia Commons and Library of Congress. In , a cattle driveway was established between Springerville, Arizona and the railroad at Magdalena, NM.

In order to accommodate the needs of the local ranchers and cattle drivers, a post office and store were built. Several cattle ranching families settled in the area, and today some citizens, along with surrounding ranchers, call Datil their home. Images via Wikipedia. Glenwood was first established as a stagecoach stop on the White Water creek, about 39 miles south of Reserve. The first powered airplane flight in New Mexico took place nearby in Today it is home to around residents. Nearby points of interest include a hotsprings which was first used for medicinal and therapeutic reasons by ancient Indians and later settlers.

There is also the Catwalk — a famous recreational area near an abandoned gold and silver mine. The Catwalk is a series of paths, bridges, and walkways stretching through a canyon over whitewater creek as it flows past giant boulders, woods, natural swimming pools and waterfalls. Horse Springs, legend has it, was named when a group of soldiers traveling between Ft. Original Spanish settlers to the area named the three villages along their creek Upper, Middle, and Lower Frisco.