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In every case there are stories worth telling; some funny, sad, even heinous.

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Four-generation charts and family pictures submitted by individuals with ties to Western Tennessee or Western Kentucky. If you would like to contribute information for this project, contact Linda Dunlap at dunlap7 hotmail. In addition to the litigants, all names relevant to the documents are included.

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Many of the names appearing in this index are not otherwise documented until the census. A great source to determine if your ancestor was in the county prior to In addition to naming the testator, both of these volumes include anyone with the same surname, guardians, executors, administrators and witnesses to the documents.

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Guardianship reports from trustees, administrators and executors of wills. Also a good source for intestate records.

The original records, found at the archive, contain the follow-up litigation regarding wills, disputes over inheritance and other genealogical information. This two-volume set is an alpha-index to individuals buried in Henry County listing names, births, deaths, marriages, family relationships, the cemetery where buried and GPS directions to the location.

Includes a reverse-index to female surnames.

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Since the mid-'90s, Perry owned a farm in Vanleer, Tenn , roughly 50 miles west of Nashville. The Dickson County town has a population of less than According to Dickson County officials, the farm is zoned agricultural and a family cemetery would be allowed on the property.

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  • It is unknown if Perry was buried there. Archie K. John Goodnight Perry rescues a beautiful woman from a stagecoach gunfight, never realizing she is actually an outlaw on the run.

    LUKE PERRY'S Death Certificate Revealed - He Was Buried In Tennessee and Was Planning A Wedding

    During lightening, hail and flash flood warnings, part-time Middle Tennessee resident Perry volunteers with Soles4Souls to bring relief to Nashville flood victims in Celebrities in 14 ballparks across the country recited the speech as part of Project A. Perry poses during an interview in New York on June 29,