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Sometimes a man willingly accepts paternity and pays child support for many years before he realizes that the child is not his. In Texas, men who suspect they are not the child's biological father can petition the court requesting the parent-child relationship be terminated. The petition must be filed within one year after the man becomes aware that he may not be the father. Upon receipt of the petition, the court will order the false father and the child to undergo DNA testing through an accredited laboratory.

If paternity testing shows the man is not the biological father, the court must immediately terminate the parent-child relationship. While paternity "fraud" sounds like it must be a crime, mothers are not actually convicted under the paternity fraud laws. The main thrust of the legislation is to terminate the man's obligation to make child support payments when paternity is not established.

Even then, it's only the obligation to pay future child support that's terminated. The legislation does not entitle the man to be reimbursed for child support payments he has already made. Falsifying documents is different from paternity fraud. This happens when someone changes, alters or tampers with a document with the intention of deceiving another person.

In the context of paternity, a crime would be committed if the mother deliberately forged the man's signature on the AOP. The penalty for falsifying government documents is severe. Jayne Thompson earned an LL. Her work has appeared on numerous legal blogs including Quittance, Upcounsel and Medical Negligence Experts. July 30, About the Author. Today, birth records are broadly available to adult adoptees in Tennessee, Alabama, Delaware, New Hampshire, Maine, Oregon and Illinois, as well as Kansas and Alaska, where they were never sealed.

Just this month, the institute issued a report recommending every state enact legislation restore rights to adult adoptees. The page policy brief also contends that the vast majority of birth mothers do not want to be anonymous to the children they relinquished. In New Hampshire, where birth certificates were unsealed in , out of 24, records only 12 birth mothers stipulated that they wanted no contact with their birth children, according to research. In , an older half-sister who knew Cook was adopted told an aunt, who shocked her with the news. Everything just went out from under me.

The hospital has since closed and Catholic Charities told her they have no records. For a time, Cook attended some advocacy groups and even called the records office to see if she could get her birth certificate. For 30 years, Pam Hasegawa of Morristown, N. Her birth parents had married in Paris, but after her father was killed, her mother had to return to the United States and, without help, reluctantly gave up her daughter. Hasegawa said birth mothers were never promised anonymity. They were forced to sign papers that relinquished their babies, giving up all rights to knowing their fate — if they were later sick, died or even if they were ever adopted.

In the late s and early s, most states had sealed adoption court records completely but, typically allowed adult adoptees to obtain their original birth certificates, according to adoption researcher Elizabeth Samuels , a law professor at the University of Baltimore. In , the laws in 40 percent of the states still permitted adult adoptees to inspect them, but between then and , all but a handful of the rest of the states closed the birth records to adult adoptees.

The focus of protection shifted away from the birth mother and her child to the rights of adoptive families. Efforts to keep records closed were led by adoption agencies, attorneys general and legislators, but not by the birth mothers themselves. And birth mothers are speaking out. In , Mary Lou Cullen gave up a son in a closed adoption when she was just 19, never telling a soul, not even her husband or later three children. She was contacted by her birth son Nathan, who is now 30, by letter eight years ago. But after working it out, birth mother and birth son have become close.

Jean Sacconaghi Strauss, a documentary filmmaker and adoptee, chronicles finding her birth mother…. Jean Sacconaghi Strauss, a documentary filmmaker and adoptee, chronicles finding her birth mother Lee Iacarella Beno, then reuniting Beno with her own birth mother Mary Brown Milosey. The three generations of women, all adoptees, reunited more than three decades after Strauss was born and have since become good friends. I can live my honest truth.

And I was able to deal with the grief that I had never dealt with before. Born Cecelia Ann Porter in California in , where records are still sealed, Strauss hired a private investigator to find her birth mother after her beloved adoptive mother died in When they reunited, Strauss was 33 and her birth mother Lee Beno was If you jump through those hoops and contact the birth parents, they have to give permission.

If you are 50, the odds are pretty high that your birth mother is dead. In the most restrictive states adult adoptees must pay court and lawyer fees to show cause why their birth certificates should be released. As for Carol Cook, she still longs to know who she is — so much so, that she has recently ordered a DNA kit to at least find clues to her genetic roots.

Though even if the law passes and she can get her birth certificate, Cook said her parents are likely dead. I know that if I make any misrepresentation which I know is false to obtain information from Social Security records, I could be punished by a fine, imprisonment or both. Adoptees are forced to lie by the very nature and status of our known and unknown identities.

All adoptees have a legal identity that is different from their identity at birth. And, officially, our adoptions are not acknowledged as part of our identity. That is my legal identity. But I was not born with that name. Joan Wheeler was adopted not born. To be accurate and truthful: I was born to a mother who is not my legal mother and no paperwork exists — legally — to prove my birth. So I am forced to lie whenever I write my name and date of birth.

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To be accurate I should write the following on all forms:. The United States of America needs a federal mandate to correct these inconsistencies for all domestic and foreign-born adoptees. In England, registering births on birth certificates is a practice that began over years ago.

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It is not clear if there will even be a formal adoption. The move has been questioned by fertility experts and lawyers, who believe it means birth records will be effectively falsified. In the case of two women who register as the parents of a child, there will be no record on the birth register of who the biological father is. Even so, a few quotes are noteworthy:.

The unpleasantness of an adoption procedure? The court will rule on whether they are fit to bring up the child. In this case an original birth certificate naming the mother will exist. But it will be replaced by a new document naming the two men as parents if a judge grants a parental order.

Just like a sealed record in an adoption. The adoptee loses rights to the truth of her birth just for the sake that two gay men or two lesbian women can be named on a birth certificate, even if the truth indicates otherwise. I say, accept reality, people, because the reality you push upon the children you are forcing to be your children by your out-right lies, will suffer because of the decisions you make. And, in this case, the decisions of the British government. It appears that British legislators have completely missed the point.

In Britain, it would seem that it will be okay to lie on birth certificates.


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At a time when the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute urges all American States to grant adoptees unrestricted access to their original birth certificates For the Records, , the British parliament seems to be going backwards. Children need to be told the truth, especially about their conceptions and birth. Gays and lesbians and the British Parliament: go sit in the corner until you can adjust your thinking. Shame on you. Book Sales Link. Recently, I found the Census form hanging on my door.

As I began filling it out, I came across a dilemma. The U. Can you imagine not knowing your ethnicity, your race? It is time that the archaic practice of sealing and altering birth certificates of adopted persons stops. Genealogy, a modern-day fascination, cannot be enjoyed by adopted persons with sealed identities. Family trees are exclusive to the non-adopted persons in our society.

If adoption is truly to return to what is best for a child, then the rights of children to their biological identities should NEVER be violated. I challenge all Times-Standard readers: Ask the adopted persons that you know if their original birth certificates are sealed. We need to be in the Top 10 for this Idea to be presented to President Obama and his administration. We have until Friday March 12th at 5pm to vote.

I know my readership is worldwide, so come on folks! All it takes is a personal conviction that adoptees deserve the same civil rights as non-adopted people do! Vote today! Many countries worldwide have what we need in America! If you doubt just how deeply Christian thought is entrenched in adoption, a close look at the Missionaries from Idaho in Haiti, is in order.

Please understand, I do not say this as a weapon against my fellow adoptees who are of unmarried parents. This is a degrading system of recording births and adoption based purely upon the moral judgment of the Registrars who wrote this law in I do not like being categorized into something I am not. We have been humiliated by these horrendous society judgments far too long.

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Lift us up and into a free society. Give us back our dignity and civil rights to our real birth certificates. The end result not going into all the other issues in adoption here is that all orphans half and full, and even the ones who are not orphans at all will suffer the same fate as their illegitimate counterparts in adoption: their birth certificates will be sealed and a new falsified one will be issued. Asking for Access to our sealed Original Birth Certificates, alone, is not enough to break the cycle and change public view of adoptees. Keep your votes coming in!

Be sure to read all the comments and add your own. Now is the time to be heard! That means, as I have stated in a previous Post, that all adoptees suffer the re-writing of their birth certificates as an automatic procedure as part of the process of finalizing the adoption.