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Invest in your body so the portrait of your grandpa you got on your arm doesn't look like a bowling ball two years later. Medium and large tattoos can take multiple sessions, while small tattoos can be executed in under 2 hours. Where should I put it? The potential pain of acquisition may play a big role in the decision making process, but as with cost, try not to let it.

You don't know your tattoo artist

One factor you should consider is body hair—do you want hair to grow over the canvas once the artwork is finished? If you're willing to "manscape" the area, the tattoo will look fresher and pop off the skin. In terms of big-picture geographic placement, you'll want to factor in visibility concerns in your workplace, obviously, but also the general aesthetics. That's silly looking. How big should I make it, and what color? There are so many things to think about: How big should it be?

Do I go color or black and grey? Skin tone plays the biggest role in how the tat will look on your particular body. In probably the only time ever being pale is more advantageous than being tan, light skin is the best canvas for both color and black-and-grey tattoos. If your skin complexion is darker, black and grey is probably the way to go. Size is another big decision—do you go big or go home? O'Neill says it's important to let the artist suggest the size. You don't want to jam a detailed piece into a spot that is way too small.

Bigger is better if you want to retain the details and the crisp lines in the piece. Who should design it? One thing you may not realize now is once you have it, everyone who sees your tattoo will ask the same question: What's the meaning behind it? Don't just come in with a picture and say "make this look cool on me. Both you and the artist want to make something cool, so work together and trust the artistic vision. According to a recent study, having a tattoo affects the way your body sweats.

Popularity of Name Tattoo!

That ink on your skin can actually block sweat, so choose where to place it very wisely. Our bodies need to sweat to avoid overheating, so it's especially important to never block your sweat glands with a tattoo.

It also turns out that skin that has a tattoo on it releases 50 percent less sweat than surrounding skin. Tattooed skin may not be able to reabsorb those lost electrolytes as well either.

If you have had skin cancer or if there is a strong history in your family, keep walking the next time you pass a tattoo parlor. While there is not a direct link between tattoos and skin cancer, there is enough concerning information about a possible connection to make you think twice.

Breaking into the skin and causing this inflammation could lead to "malignant transformation.

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Joyce believes that while tattoos do not cause skin cancer, they could put those already at risk in danger. Talk with your doctor if you're concerned. Getting a tattoo is not like having professional makeup applied. Because the needles penetrate your skin, you will be exposed to potential infections.

If you are just coming down with a cold or virus, it's best to fully recover before undergoing any invasive procedure. Greenberg told me. While some of these risks can be treated with antibiotics, many of these risks pose long-term consequences. It seems that tattooing your partner's name on your body is a red flag that you're about to break up.

Tattoo Advice for People with Dark Skin

I don't believe in jinxing yourself, but if I did, this would be at the top of the list. Next time you want to make a grand gesture for your significant other, book an amazing vacation for the two of you and leave the tattoo needles at home. When Kaley Cuoco and now ex-husband Ryan Sweeting met, they married within a year and celebrated that date with a tattoo. Unfortunately, the marriage ended almost as quickly as it started, and Cuoco was stuck with the tattoo on her upper back. She shared her journey of covering it with her fans on Instagram.

11 Steps to Getting a Tattoo You Won't Regret for the Rest of Your Life

Rather than remove the wedding date tattoo, Cuoco chose to cover it with an insect , writing, "the deep, meaningful, larger than life meaning behind this beautiful piece of ink, is It covered the last one. We've established that before ever seriously considering a tattoo, you should get to know the artist and ask lots of questions. Part of this process should be making sure to find out exactly what kind of ink he plans to use and where it came from.

While the ink itself may be sterile, there have been cases of artists diluting it with water in order to achieve the perfect shade. If the water is not sterile, this can contaminate the entire ink supply, spreading infection. There is nothing more cringeworthy than a misspelled tattoo. It is literally a constant reminder of your mistake. Double and triple check the spelling and style before going ahead with any tattoo. Jennifer Lawrence knows this firsthand. She has an H2O tattoo on her hand, but the two is not aligned properly. I should've Googled it before I got it tattooed on my body forever.

Tattoo second. While it's true that having a tattoo can affect how others see and even judge you, the tide seems to be turning and, fortunately for the tattoo lovers, perceptions and biases are changing. Most acknowledged the fact that they could face some discrimination for a visible tattoo. That being said, over half were still considering one. Don't write it off if a tattoo is right for you. Just make sure you've given yourself plenty of time to choose the right tattoo with the right artist at the right time in your life. All rights reserved.

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  • Big reasons you should never get a tattoo. You don't know your tattoo artist Shutterstock. You're looking for a job Shutterstock.

    Big reasons you should never get a tattoo

    You haven't really thought it through Shutterstock. You're worried about being judged Shutterstock. You're planning to become pregnant Shutterstock.