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The City of Sacramento understands and supports the public's right to access the public records created and maintained by the City in the course of their normal business. It is the goal of the City to provide service in a transparent manner, which includes timely access to requested records in accordance with the California Public Records Act PRA , Government Code Sections to Public records are open to inspection during regular City office hours, except for City holidays.

While there are charges for the duplication of records photocopies, CDs and DVDs there is no charge to inspect or view records.

Whenever possible the City will provide the records electronically when requested. Advanced notice is not required to inspect public records; however, the inspection of records is subject to a rule of reason and must be consistent with the efficient functioning of City offices. It is advisable for any person who wishes to inspect public records to contact the City Clerk's Office to make sure that the records are available. An appointment may have to be scheduled if the records are being used by City staff, if the records must be located and reviewed, when the requested records are stored off site or redaction of confidential information is necessary.