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You want to live your life feeling happy, engaged, and excited about your future. You want to feel understood by those around you that matter the most, and you want to feel capable of handling any relationship problems that come about in the course of your life, without making bad choices that only worsen your current situation.

Society expects a standard of how everyone should behave, and the pressure to meet those standards can be too much for some individuals. People need to accept who they are and that includes all the emotional baggage that goes along with their personality. Compass Family Counseling aims to help people going through that struggle through our counseling services.

Negative patterns of sarcasm, criticism, blame, and defensiveness creep into your marriage. When distrust replaces confidence and safety, you find yourself cut off from the happy togetherness that you long for. Our primary goal is to help you and your partner learn to trust and love each other again. This foundation of faith in one another that allows you to move forward with strength and confidence. Emotionally Focused Therapy encourages you and your partner to ask vital questions of each other.

Individual and Couples Counseling

It helps you reassure each other that you will always be there in support of each other. This works in several important ways:. Early on in your relationship, passion came easily—the air between you felt electric with desire, anticipation, and excitement. When this happens, it can be a major contributing factor to the establishment of distance between you. The answer to this question is a resounding yes!

It's not just another couch sesh about your mom.

As you learn how to connect and begin to create deeper and more emotionally responsive emotional bonds with your partner, desire, passion, and freedom will often return to your lovemaking. In contrast with sex that is over-focused on novelty and the physical act, emotional connection and synchrony has the potential to bring both physical pleasure and deep emotional satisfaction to your sex life. In our experience, the more couples connect emotionally, the more cherished, playful, and fulfilled they feel when they are intimate. For some couples the topic is parenting; for others it is money, work, sex, or relationships with in-laws.

You likely already know what issues pose a problem for you and your spouse. If you would like help saving your marriage, restoring safety and trust to your relationship, rekindling your fire and bringing the passion back, or discovering how to break patterns that keep you stuck and disconnected, email us or call us today at for a no obligation, minute phone consultation.

Couples Therapy

The final solution is always up to you, but our team of experts knows the types of problems to discuss and typical solutions that may arise with certain problems Growing apart can take many forms. Specialized Couples Counseling Marriage counseling acts just like a tool that helps couples to communicate in a better way, eliminate their differences, and solve their problems in a healthy manner.

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Relationships are hard.

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