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Our heritage, what a beautiful thing. It makes me so proud of where I come from for my son and my family. God bless the USA. I like knowing history, to learn. I was proud to discover just how deep my roots in America went. Brooke Finlayson. I am proud to be part of a family that believed in a higher purpose, they found away to live a life by their own ideologies. Katharine Herzog. It is an important part of my family history.

Location: Mississippi, United States. It is an inspiration to aspire to something greater in life. To make a difference in the lives of others, and to live out my Christian Faith in action, with 'answerable courage. Robert Bennett. I am happy to be a part of the Mayflower "family" because they were so brave and steadfast. I'm sure they were strong in their bodies, minds and spirit. The faith in God, that they brought with them, surely got them through some terrible times. I'm proud to have them as my ancestors and I only wish I would have inherited their tenacity.

It is a very special story that I will pass on to my children. I am proud to have come from the Mayflower and such an important part of our nations history. Eric McMurray. Being part of the Mayflower story means that I feel a strong connection to the history of this continent of North America, the founding and settlement of America. Ancestor: Isaac Allerton, William Brewster. So exciting, discovered this via Ancestry and DNA. I am proud that I have family who were part of the early immigration to what became the United States of America and that they were both Pilgrims and Strangers, adding to the diversity of the early colony.

Barbara Bissell. An Aunt who was Family Historian told us of our Mayflower roots. Recently built a tree to see the trails, a means of preserving our genealogy for generations to come. Besides the listed ancestors discovered, potentially have at least five more. The search has scaled brick walls. Genealogy an endless delightful puzzle: Hopkins Brewster Howland It is important to me that my ancestors had a hand in forming the nation from the very beginning.

Cynthia Carlson. I'm impressed with my ancestors' spiritual life and devotion. Monica Pattangall. From childhood I always knew Warren was at the family table on my grandfather's side, but when I began research on my quiet, unassuming grandmother and I found so many there, I was humbled. David Nicholls. Location: Australian Capital Territory, Australia. Just a part of my amazingly peripatetic ancestry. Christopher Nichols.

Being a patriotic person, having roots to the earliest days of the founding of our country means a great deal to me. Though there is not a lot of information about my ancestor's life, it's wonderful to know that all of his children lived to provide many descendants today. Pride in the amazingly brave immigrants who made the journey and established the Plymouth Colony.

Heather Schader. Ancestor: Edward Fuller, Samuel Fuller. I feel more integrated in the fabric of our country. It makes me feel I can stand hardships and overcome them as my ancestors did. I'm a true New Englander. Judith O'Brien Beck. Philip Johnson. Samantha Hopkins. We are a great nation because the Mayflower passengers' beliefs and determination.

It creates a call to action for me to remind everyone why the Mayflower passengers risked their lives, why America became a nation, and why we need to continue to promote freedom from tyranny, religious oppression and xenophobic, immigrant excluding rules. Steven Fischer. Incredible testament to the grit and bravery of the original passengers. Lillian Espinoza-Gala.

With four passengers on the voyage, it proves the ability to survive death and adversity. John Howland married Elizabeth Tilley. Our family descended from daughter Hannah. Janice French. In this day and age the Mayflower is a sign of hope, and a reminder of how far we have come and how far we need to go as a country. I hope to use the story to allow my children to understand the importance of the history of this amazing country and understand that they hold the key to the future. Catherine Hernandez. Phyllis Fleming. Location: New Mexico, United States.

So proud be be descended from these strong and determined colonials. Ancestor: Henry Samson. Location: Rhode Island, United States. I have known since I we little that I am a descendant. I want to become a member of the Mayflower Society before I pass. My grandfather belonged but when he joined found it not to have to have so much paperwork. I need many documents and they are expensive to get copies. I hope that I can complete this before That I have a great heritage. I am currently working on my membership to the Mayflower Society Bradford Colony.

The more I learn, the more connected I feel to the brave women who came before me. My Mayflower connection has increased my interest in history. Knowing more about my Mayflower as well as Native American ancestors has helped me to further understand and appreciate the impact of these families to our country. Pamela Lithgow Briggs. I was very happy to find this out. Interested in the contribution of my ancestors in shaping Canada and the United States, Found they were instrumental in building flower mills, churches, schools, and settling remote areas of our country also looking foreward to get together.

Lucille Evans Hahn. Honoring those who endured so much hardship to settle on this continent and contribute to the building of our country is the reason I joined the Mayflower Society. Almost all Americans have immigrant ancestors, ours were among the first. Meeting the many members from all walks of life who feel the same is important to me. Deborah Martin-Plugh. When I was a child, my mother always told us that we were from 'good pioneer stock'. There was no formal genealogy at that time That phrase compelled me to find out my family history and led me to Revolutionary and Civil War soldiers Ancestor: Edward Winslow.

I am incredibly proud. Sharon Garrison. Ancestor: Isaac Allerton, John Howland. Very little, I just enjoy the research. I went nearly 65 years without a clue to my origins in North America. Once my mother's Byram line married Abigail Alden, I feel humbled. Having DNA evidence makes me proud that in the generations since that landing a member of that family has been in uniform to defend the land for all its generations!

Zachary Bayer. Finding out that I am part of the Mayflower has been so exciting. The originals. Never have I ever thought that this would be. Ancestor: Francis Cooke, Thomas Rogers. There is much to learning and knowing better the history of the families and other details.


I feel it is important to know this. Cynthia Jordan. I am very proud to be a descendant of so many great Men and women that helped to create this great country. I only hope and pray that I will continue their legacy. The blood of these great people runs through me and that is pretty awesome. Ancestor: James Chilton, Stephen Hopkins. It makes me feel more a part of this wonderful country I'm part of the first settlers. Praise be. David J. Not only is it fascinating to learn that I am a descendant of John Howland as well as John Tilley but it's amazing to think how different the world would be today had they not been able to rescue John Howland after he fell off the boat.

Arthur Stuart Firkins. Location: New South Wales, Australia. It provides a continuity , an identity and a connection to a significant event in history. I am overjoyed to be able to be part of both the foundation of America and the foundation of the colony of NSW. I can relate to the values which sent the pilgrims to Plymouth and sent the pioneers to Australia.

I can understand their need for freedom. Karen Glennan-West. Being a part of the Mayflower Story means a lot to me. Knowing what my family line did back then, leaving their homes and traveling to a new world and surviving. Christine Morrill. First, I was overwhelmed by the knowledge of my ancestors. Now, my ancestral grandparents ground me and their stories encourage me to move ahead even in the most difficult times! When having a rough day I think of their challenges, failures and successes.

Then, I say okay Christine, you got this. Make them proud! You owe them that much! Marilyn Nejman. I was very, very excited to see that I believe to be a descendant of a Mayflower passenger. Donna Ann DeWitt Skogman. Our Family History, History and Sharing. Also, John Howland is an 11th Great Uncle. Their connections have not been proven. Location: Nevada, United States. Shelly Hoffman. It connects me to this country in a way I have never felt.

To know that my family came here and are such a huge part of what made America. It makes me very proud of my country and my ancestors. Genevieve Leavitt. Knowing my heritage and learning details about my ancestors makes them real to me. I can imagine their lives and how they lived which almost gives them as well as myself a certain level of immortality. They are a part of me. Scott Carpenter. Finding out that my great-grandmother was a Southworth, and a descendant of John Alden was monumental.

My family has been here for all of the history making this great country. Lori Jo Svrcek. I want to find out more about The Mayflower Society and Mayflower History specifically, and further support it, since I am a descendant! Elizabeth Fitzgerald. Being part of history, knowing past history, origin and culture so my family can know their roots. I want them to know that know matter how long and how careful records were kept that their history is the testament to passing time.

Patricia Millis. Finding our ancestors connects us to them. I feel grateful to my courageous ancestors for making this journey to a new land for freedom sake, helping all their descendants have the gifts of living in freedom. Ancestor: William Brewster, Francis Eaton. David Kingsella. Our religious heritage brought here by our Separatist and Puritan ancestors is the foundation of our great country and must be defended against all attempts to steal it from us.

It was a huge and surprising discovery for me. Connects me as an American more than almost anything I could have found. Very proud to be so connected to Massachusetts. Morgana Watson. Proud to know my ancestors were a part of history. Marcia Christiansen. Learning that I am a Mayflower descendant was a great surprise. It has meant a lot to me knowing my ancestors helped form this great country.

I am proud of my English heritage. Marty Peterson. Makes me proud of my heritage knowing my ancestors were part of starting this great country. Kathleen Bernstein. I have many connections to the Mayflower but only joined on S. I love that my roots go back to the very start of this country. Both of my parents are from Stephen Hopkins.

So I have millions of cousins. Darla Bedford Moe. I am proud to be a descendant of the brave men, women, and children who risked everything to begin a new community where they could live according to their beliefs. The hardships they faced make me all the more grateful for the life I enjoy today. I'm fascinated with the history and love to be part of it. Touring Plymouth, MA recently was the first time I got to really connect with the family history. It meant a lot to me. Being an Alternative education teacher I am always using real history to increase interest for my students.

In doing this I began looking into my ancestry about a year and a half ago. In my search I became aware that I am a descendent of several of the Mayflower passengers. It was incredible to find this out. Lynnette Fallon. Ancestor: George Soule, William White. A wonderful way to connect to the history of our country. Confirmation of the connection to this significant group of immigrants. Karen Sifuentes. According to Ancestry. Our family is Snow and Converse. Ancestor: Edward Fuller, Stephen Hopkins. It is an honor and it pays respect to my ancestors and the hardships they endured to come to the new world.

Tammie Powell. Mary Beth Stephens. Mayflower descendants are a living part of history. Virginia R Kraus. Proud to know that my family played a significant role in the founding of the greatest country in the world. Gretchen Bjork. My paternal grandmother, a White, worked on our family's genealogy in the early s.

Joining the Mayflower Society will be my tribute to her. Andrea Bouvier. The thought that if just one person did something different, had married someone else, had died in war, any number of life altering situations, I would not be here. I would not be able to trace my ancestry back to such a great moment in time.

I am honored at be here and a part of such a wonderful organization. Deborah Durham. It means my family played an important role in American history and that it is a great heritage that I pass to my grandchildren. I have loved sharing this historical connection with my father, brother, and relatives. Imagine all of us that would not exist had John Howland not been rescued! Lauren Gaudlitz. Being a part of the Mayflower makes me very proud of my history, ancestors and heritage. Their story leaves a great legacy for us to carry on. Location: Varese, Italy. Patricia Claus. I am so proud of my ancestors for coming to America despite the incredible hardships and uncertainty they had to endure the first few years.

They created a country with their courage and hard work, and their story belongs to the entire nation. I only recently found out about my connection and completed the research to apply. To know that I am now a part of close to years of history by such a brave group of people is an honor. I look forward to meeting and learning the history. Thank you all for taking the time to lead this group giving us these opportunities.

Susan Dunham McGill. I teach US history to public middle school students. I appreciate being able to make personal connections to our curriculum. Caroline Anderson. Very important to me and my family. That I can trace my lineage to some very strong, principled, hard working men and women upon whom my own existence depends They overcame great challenges. Very humbling. Jeannie Burke-Hanlon. Cheryl Ralston. It makes me realize that I come from hardy stock and I have pride of the role of my ancestors in creating our country. It makes me want to hold current government to the Pilgrim morals, standards, and beliefs about freedom of religion.

It means that my relative was an explorer and helped develop this great land. Annette Gardner. Dorothy Greene. John R Woodman. Heidi Higginbotham. Ancestor: Edward Fuller, George Soule. Roots and pride of country! Esther Horrigan. I feel very proud to be descended from such an adventurous and hardy group of people. Descent from a Mayflower family is a verifiable present-day connection to millions of other descendants and cousins. As such, it is a shared experience and reflects some of the unique Yankee qualities we value - independence, hard work, endurance, faith and family.

Susan Sweetland. My grandmother always told us we were Descendants. Now it is proved. Now we are working on a Bradford connection. I like knowing that my roots are a part of some of the earliest settlers of America. Barbara Lewandowski. Knowing I am part of the beginnings of this country is very humbling and meaningful to me. Patricia Price. Ancestor: William Brewster, William White. Being part of the Mayflower story is special to me. Men and women who brave enough to challenge the unknown, similar to our astronauts of today. It took courage to come to a barren country, to decide how to make a home, family, children in an unknown environment.

It took courage, and I am proud to be a descendant of these men and women. Susan Macdonald. It means that I come from people of strength and courage and give me something to live up to. It is a link to my ancestor who came to America seeking a new life. Karen Storrs Gantt. Being a part of history - not just any history, but the very foundations of our nation - is something I am proud of.

This history and the history of my ancestors is something I want to preserve for future generations. Patricia Atkins. I am so proud to be descended from such brave people. They left everything they knew to take a chance on a better life. I am so grateful that they did. My application was submitted years ago but I did not have the necessary sources to be approved.

They told me it was a new line that no one was able to prove. I have been working with the Mayflower historian and am now ready to submit again and will be doing so soon. The historian thinks it will now be approved and I am so excited to be part of this. Amazing what you can find online. Kristina Joyce. Isaac Allerton as signer of The Mayflower Compact, a forerunner of our democratic country, is most significant to me.

Also, that Allerton's daughter Mary my ancestor survived the voyage and settlement as a child and lived to marry and have children with Thomas Cushman, a leader of the community, gives me strength in my present life. John Thomas Cook. It has really gotten me interested in Genealogy. My grandmother was a Harrison and the relationship is from her side of the family. Edward Phillips. I'm continually amazed how many Mayflower ancestors I have, and that almost all my ancestors stayed in New England.

Being part of the lineage of the settling of America. Both my grandmother and father were members of the Mayflower Society. I just recently found out that Francis Cooke is my 10th Great Grandfather. Tomorrow I am going to Plimoth Plantation and hope to see him and his family Reenacted.

If there are any other ancestors from Jane Cooke pls reach out! I'm so excited to be part of this history. These are the ancestors that paved the way for us. We are family. It's important to stay connected to your past and family. I just got started with genealogy research for fun. Ann Kunkle-Jones. Ancestor: Isaac Allerton, Francis Eaton. It has given me a direct connection to major events in history. I've always love to read about history, but somehow, knowing I'm related to these individuals makes me want to know even more about their lives.

Robert Bradford Holmes. Very interested in learning more about my Mayflower passenger ancestors. Becoming a member of the Mayflower Society gave me the excitement of a new journey toward the discovery of how I could continue the journey of my ancestors, and to sustain what they began. The Mayflower Society is the best vehicle toward keeping alive and vibrant the ideals and endeavors of our brave ancestors. It is a living breathing organism. It is an honor to have Pilgrim ancestors and to keep their story alive. Too me in honoring our ancestors is very important for all of us to do.

Contrary to what many may think , your ancestors can either be by blood or through spirit. It is also very important for all of us to know that they, our ancestors are never far away from us. Lori Huebener Jones. I am proud to part of the heritage that founded our great nation. I have enjoyed doing research to confirm generations of family stories which connected my grandfather to his Mayflower lineage.

It is a link to ancestors who risked everything to start a new life, where they could be free to worship as they chose. Validation of my ancestry and meeting my many cousins. Ancestor: Edward Doty, Edward Fuller. My children are also related to John Holland and Elizabeth Tilley through their mother. I would like to tie it all together before the year anniversary. Ancestor: William Brewster, Thomas Rogers. It means my family's roots are deep in New England's soil, especially in Maine. Honoring my grandmother. When I was a teenager in the 's, Grandma showed me letters from her cousins that said she was eligable to join the Mayflower Society.

As a teenager, that was the last thing on my mind, and the internet was years away. With much pride, I received my MF certificate on what would have been her th birthday. Having Richard Crenna portray my ancestor in a TV movie. Carol Casinelli. Very excited to know that I am related to someone who came to this country in It's being part of a wonderful group of 'relatives'. Have met many interesting people through this Society, which has expanded to other Geneaological Societies, many of whom are also Mayflower descendants.

Kimberly Niznik. Knowing my direct ancestors preserved together through so many hardships with faith, strength, and hard work to make a new life in an unknown land, a land that grew into this great nation, makes me extremely proud of my heritage and what they accomplished.

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Staci Kendrick Jones. Being part of this brave and adventurous group of our first American generation and their descendants makes history come alive. Margaret Olson. I was lucky to learn of my Mayflower connections from my maternal grandparents, each of whom had research from an earlier generation. I have photos of my mother, her siblings and her uncle in costume at the celebration in Plymouth. They summered on Clark's Island at that time. Michael O'Curran. When I discovered I was a Mayflower descendant, it helped me understand myself better.

Being part of this wonderful story is a special honor for me. I'd never expected to find a Mayflower connection, after all of these years of research, so this breakthrough was a magical moment. Hughes was later appointed to be assignment judge for Union County and was thereafter elevated to the Superior Court, Appellate Division. Vanderbilt appointed Hughes as chair of a committee tasked with studying the state's handling of juvenile offenders and making recommendations for changes; the state supreme court accepted the committee's recommendations, leading to a reform of the New Jersey juvenile and domestic-relations courts.

Hughes was considered by Governor Robert B. Meyner as a possible nominee to the state supreme court bench. Hughes was little known at the time he ran for governor of New Jersey in , and was selected as the Democratic nominee only after the first choice of powerful party leaders, Attorney General Grover C. Richman , had a heart attack. Hughes proved to be a strong campaigner, however, and achieved an upset victory over Republican nominee James P. Mitchell , who had been U. Secretary of Labor during the Eisenhower administration , by slightly under 35, votes. One of the important issues of Hughes' term as governor was state taxation; at the time Hughes took office in , "New Jersey was one of only a handful of states that had neither an income tax nor a sales tax.

With the backing of organized labor , Hughes was re-elected with 1,, votes, with Dumont taking , Although both chambers of the legislature has Democratic majorities, the bill failed, having passed the state House but being defeated by a single vote in the state Senate. He attended Harry S. Truman 's nomination for a full term as president in Philadelphia in as an alternate , Vice President Hubert H.

Humphrey 's selection as standard bearer in Chicago in and Senator George S. McGovern 's convention in Miami Beach. Many credit the fact that then-President Lyndon B. Johnson had a very close friendship with Hughes, as one reason that Atlantic City hosted the Democratic National Convention.


After serving as governor from to , he served as the Chief Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court from —, having been nominated for the post by his successor, William T. Hughes left the Supreme Court in after reaching the mandatory retirement age of 70, and returned to the private practice of law. Mary's Cemetery in Trenton, New Jersey. The building in Trenton, New Jersey which bears his name that houses the New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety headed by the Attorney General , the courtroom, chambers and offices of the State Supreme Court , the courtroom and several chambers and offices of the New Jersey Superior Court, Appellate Division , and the administrative headquarters of the statewide court system, was dedicated as the Richard J.

Hughes Justice Complex , in in his honor. Hughes had five sons, two daughters, and three stepsons. He married Miriam McGrory in ; they had four children. His first wife died in ; in , he married Elizabeth Sullivan Murphy d. Several of his children have become prominent in New Jersey law and politics. Hughes' stepson W. Michael Murphy Jr. Sarah enjoyed a fruitful career in job placement and later in life as a conservator and advocate for her clients.

Sarah was passionate about life and loved gardening, cooking and spending time with her He would have been 79 years old the next day, the Fourth of July. Gordon T. Walker, 86, passed away Sunday, July 21, at his residence. After high school, Mr. He was preceded in death by his wife of 63 years, Shirley Ann Mock Walker Holmes and Frances Waller Holmes.

My beloved, beautiful, loving wife Elizabeth has passed away as I held her hand, after five years of debilitating illness. Lubs Howard and Henry J. She was the embodiment of classic Savannah that spanned 83 years. She knew and was an acquaintance of many of the characters in "The Book" and spent virtually all of her life in the historic district of Savannah, attended He is preceded in death by his beloved parents, Anne and Joe Counihan and his sister, Anne. He visited the Emerald Isle many times and on his last trip, insisted that we gather some Irish dirt for family funerals Her strong will to live, faith in God and love for her family and friends got her through an eleven-month battle with cancer Clinton W.

Aleesha Dagmar Luckett Briggs, 63, of Savannah, Georgia, peacefully passed away at pm on July 17, surrounded by her loving family and friends. Aleesha loved the beach, traveling, and shopping. Supporting her kids and grandkids were her main priority. Homer F. Peeples, Jr. He graduated from Savannah High School, class of where he excelled in sports and on the rifle team, achieving The US National record for 22 cal.

He entered the Univ. In St. In his early years, Bob developed a love for fishing and was drawn to the sea Vincenti died in her home July 14, after a long illness. The third of the six children of Francis X. Originally from Queens, NY, she and Ernest lived together for 26 years in the outer boroughs of New York before retiring to Savannah in to forget snow and refine their golf games. Ernest predeceased her in She was well known among It is with sadness that the family of Karen Bryant announces her passing on July 10, at the age of Karen was born August 2, in Bristol, Virginia.

Karen and Her loving husband Jim retired to Savannah, Georgia in Savannah- Donald A. Don Thomas passed away Saturday, July 13, at St. His death was a result of complications due to cancer Florence Estelle Hampton passed away on July 11, at the age of During that time, she met her husband, Burt L. Hampton, and the two raised a daughter, Caroline Hampton Warnell.

Candace E. Spivey, 72, passed away Wednesday, July 10, Candace was a Certified Gemologist and also a member of the Doll Artisan Guild, and an antique dealer She is survived by her husband, Charles L. Charles H. He was born in Phoenix, AZ on May 15, He received his B. Air Force Veteran serving in Korea. Billy G.

Estes, 89, passed away at his home on July 5, under the loving care of Debbie Sodansky who cared for him throughout his illness. She was a loving mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. She was a spiritual woman with the kindest biggest heart you could ever imagine.

If the world had more people like Clarice, it would be a much kinder gentler place. She is preceded in death by her husband of 65 years, Harry Edmund Shuman, Sr Reba Bowen Jacobson Daniel, Sunrise April 14, , Sunset Friday, July 5, after a courageous battle with cancer, she was supported lovingly by her family Jason was raised by his father and maternal grandmother, Martha Cartwright.

RHONJ Dolores Catania & Margaret Josephs

Jason is survived by his wife Deborah, his son Justin, daughter Sophia, father Robert, Paige Folley Christian, 47, died at her home on July 3rd, after a determined four year battle with breast cancer. A residence of Longmont since , Charles had planned to return to Savannah to live part-time and had just purchased a home three days before his death The Rev. Charles W. Castles departed this life on July 1, at Savannah Square.

He enlisted in the Army and was stationed in France. Following his discharge, he studied at Columbia Theological Seminary and eared the Mike Hendrix. He married Genell Sullivan in Rejeanne O. Purdy, 80, passed away Saturday, June 29, in Savannah, Georgia. Rejeanne was born in Quebec, Canada and lived in Savannah for many years. She was preceded in death by her son Christopher Purdy.

A memorial service and graveside will be held in New Hampshire at a later date. She was a communicant of St. James Catholic Church. A Memorial Mass will be held Saturday, June 29, at a. Back Street, Savannah, GA Remembrances may be made to the Carmelite Monastery, 11 W.

Coach Rich Meckfessel went to his final rest on June 26, at the age of 81, surrounded by his loving wife and two children. Rich was an enthusiastic athlete, excelling at tennis and basketball in his youth and later completing four marathons, but he was most proud of his accomplishments as a college coach and athletic director. During his career, Rich mentored and coached hundreds of young men at Washington University in St.

She was James Floyd Martin, Jr. He was preceded in death by his parents, James F. Martin, Sr. He retired in after 21 years of service with the Board of Education. Floyd was a remarkable person with a heart of gold and will be missed by his family and friends She was born July 31, to the late Dr. Rosemary was a graduate of St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Church An only child, she was the center of her parent's life and she loved them dearly He attended public schools in Morganfield, Sturgis and Louisville Kentucky. After high school, he worked at construction jobs and as a surveyor Barbara Anne Smith Andrews passed away on June 18, Egan was born in Savannah, August 19, He was retired as a self-employed Dental Laboratory Technician.

He was a member of the Cathedral of St.

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John the Baptist For over 30 years she owned and operated Westside Glass where she made many lifelong connections Carol Dyan Brannen Waldhour 68 , made her transition on June 9, She left this life in her sleep at home with her family which is how she would have wanted it had she been given a choice. She worked in that career most of her life until she had to take an early retirement due to a back injury. She married Donald W. Sue Wettengel, 88 - unexpectedly passed away on Sunday, June 9th. She was predeceased by her husband Philip Wettengel Janice Hernandez, 71, passed away on Thursday, June 6, Paul graduated from Jenkins High School and was an electrician by trade Howard S.

Estes, Jr. A team of Howard's colleagues will honor him as they perform a ceremonial flyover at the beginning of the memorial service at a. Full military honors will be rendered by the U. Army Honor Guard Freida H. She was preceded in death by her husband, Clark T. Many awards and accolades came his way for his always meticulous work Wayne L. Dickerson, Sr. He was the first in his family to attend college, he climbed the corporate ladder, retiring as a senior executive with Pfizer, ran the New York City Marathon at age 50, and later in life courageously fought many health issues Arthur William Wilcox, Jr.

He was the son of Arthur William Wilcox, Sr. He was 65 years old and was born in Savannah on June 26, He worked at International Paper until retirement. Art had a great love of the outdoors. He was an avid hunter and fisherman until his eyesight and overall physical health He was a die-hard UGA fan Beverly Diane Pritchett, 63, passed away Thursday, May 30, at home with her mother by her side. She was born March 4, in Savannah and was a resident of North Carolina before moving back home to Savannah to live with her mother.

Our hearts are heavy laden this day, and with you, our dear friends and family, I share the following Rex Holloway, Jr. Rex was a loving husband and is survived by his wife Jackie William Robert Gunn passed away on May 24, at the age of He was born on August 28, and was a resident of Savannah his entire life Gilbert F. Zellner, age 78, died Tuesday at his residence.

The Ohio native lived in Savannah for a number of years. He was retired from Tiffin Enterprises in Tiffin, Ohio He is survived by his wife Dr. Patricia Turner and Jane Turner. Fred worked with his dad at A. He was active in many community organizations, but mostly enjoyed spending time with his family Cook was a former member Florence Parr McAllister passed away Sunday, May 26, at her residence with her family by her side.

Cecile Donaldson Linton, 81, of Savannah, passed away on May 25, at home surrounded by her loving family. He was born in Inglewood, CA. He loved anything with a motor. He raced cars, boats and motorcycles, anything with speed. He loved classic and outlaw country and oldtime rock and roll music. He had a pilots and captains license.

He loved life and spending it with his wife of Melinda was born on June 25, in Tientsin, China, daughter of Dr. Melvin and Marguerite Abbott. Her father was serving as a naval surgeon stationed in China at that time. She graduated from the University of Georgia in and returned to Savannah to work with the Georgia Extension Service.

Michael Patterson Ruf, 36, loving son, brother, brother-in-law and nephew passed away suddenly and unexpectedly at his home in Phoenix, AZ, on Monday, May 20, The son of Lawrence E. Ruf, Michael was born in Savannah on November 1, Carolyn Carroll Haynes, 96, passed away Tuesday, May 21, Army Corps of Engineers as a Draftsman.

Carolyn retired from the Corps of Engineers in after 30 plus years of service.

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After retirement she worked part time for Saussy Engineering for 10 years Jeffrey Todd Embry passed away Monday, May 20, at home surrounded by his family. He was born in Vicksburg, MS in He was of the Catholic faith He was born September 17, to Claude and Elizabeth Horton and was raised with his four siblings in Savannah, graduating from Savannah High School in He married his wife Emily, also of Savannah, in and their only child Becky was born in After college, he began a career William Arthur Miller, M.

Miller was born in Akron, Ohio on February 11, He grew up on the family farm in rural Ohio where he learned the value of hard work Gina Elizabeth Stanley Watson departed this life on May 10, due to injuries sustained on May 5, William E. Billy was born April 1, , in Savannah. William Victor Evans Sr, beloved son, brother, loving father, and loyal friend unexpectedly passed away on Saturday, May 11, at the age of Jason Daniel Hopewell, devoted husband and father and die-hard Bengals fan died unexpectedly at home on Monday, May 13, Upon graduation, Kevin was hired as the Sales Optimization Manager Mom never met a stranger; she loved people.

She also loved art, music, entertaining and being outdoors. An eclectic reader, she gained an Associate degree from Wayne State Community College in her early fifties. She loved to cook for everyone, sewed, knitted, gardened, decorated, and was the sharpest dresser ever. A downhill skier well into her seventies, Mom was also an excellent golfer. As a music lover she played the piano and sang alto in the choir.

Her religious faith, first as a Walton O. Usher, 75, passed away peacefully on Friday, May 10, , with his wife and daughter Elizabeth by his side In addition to his parents he was preceded in death by his daughter, Caroline Blake Davis Retired U. Army Master Sgt. Cecil Douglas Mastison, 82, of Savannah, GA, passed away peacefully at home, on May 10, , surrounded by his loving family Danny was born November 30, in Savannah, Georgia. He married the love of his life Kathy Bryant November 10, Danny worked as a railroad conductor for CSX Railroad for 29 years Stephen Patrick Quigley, 91 , died April 30th at home with hospice care, surrounded by his family The Family of James Maloney is relieved, yet saddened to share the news that his fierce battle with cancer is finally over.

He was a fighter to the bitter end and the Fourth was with him as he made his departure at pm on Friday, the 4th of May, Larry Daniel Cline, 79, passed away Thursday, May 2, Mary Kate Merritt, 93, died peacefully surrounded by her family on Sunday, April 28, Mary Kate and Al are former residents of Savannah. James Sidney Crawford, 63, died April 26, under the care of Hospice Savannah surrounded by family and friends.

Robert I. Strozier of Savannah, Georgia, died peacefully on April 28th, He was 89 years old. Beloved professor and community leader, his lifelong endeavors on behalf of his cherished city touched many lives. Strozier was predeceased by his daughter, Leslie Strozier, and his wife of 63 years, Helen Allred Strozier James H.

William Ormond Deaver, Jr. She was of the Catholic faith and was retired from K Mart Corporation. After retirement she worked with her daughter at the YMCA Fly with the angels and watch over us as we go through life. We love you and will miss you more than you will ever know.

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The funeral service will be private. Francis Frank Joseph Hahne, Jr. He was a member of St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Church. He was preceded in death by his wife of over 50 years, Frances Blake Hahne Denmark devoted his entire career to designing and developing many residential and commercial real estate properties, including building most of the Lester W. After the war, he married Shirley Brock and they were married 32 years until her death. In , Les met Brenda Parker Smith and they later married Charles Wallace Lynah died April 20, after a short illness with his family at his side.

Charlie, as he was affectionately known to many, was a graduate of Savannah Country Day school in and subsequently attended the University of Georgia. He had a deep interest in his family history and enjoyed documenting multiple generations of the Lynah family around coastal Georgia and South Carolina. Charles was also Lois Morgan Sheppard, 94, died Friday, April 19, Funeral Service will be p. Burial will be in the church cemetery Patricia Powers, 67, died peacefully on Monday, April 15, at St. Joseph's Hospital surrounded by family and friends Macy Noel Smith, 31, passed away peacefully Friday, April 12, at her residence.

Surviving are her son, Clay Smith, father and stepmother, Robert R. She was preceded in death by her mother, Terri Lynn Smith. Jerry Chodkiewicz, died suddenly April 12, at age He was a wonderful son, husband, and brother. He was a master cabinet maker who could turn a piece of wood into a work of art. He lived for his family. He loved being on the water and filling his boat with fish. He was very kind and never said no to anyone needing his help. He is survived by his wife Sara; his siblings, Derek Alison , Tricia Mike ; his parents, Chuck and Nellie; two nephews, two nieces, and his second mother When he took his last breath on Saturday, April 13th, our great loss was his great gain.

Harry Claude Lentz, Sr. He retired from Memorial Health after more than 35 years of service. Cecile Hagan Crockett, a lovely dignified southern bell passed away Friday, April 12, at Memorial University Medical Center after a short illness. Chun Y. A memorial service will be held at a. She was born, raised and lived in Savannah her entire life.

She loved teaching and taught 2nd grade at Jacob G. Smith Elementary before marrying Russ in Traude Coleman, 95 passed away on Tuesday, April 9, She was born on October 27, in Austria and has been a resident of Savannah since the ties. From early childhood on Mrs Traude Coleman was a lover of nature. Friends and family know her distinct passion for classical music and fine arts. Barbara J. Harris, 79, of Savannah, passed away on April 10, , with her family by her side.

Barbara married Herbert W. Harris in , and they lived together in Roswell, GA before relocating to Savannah in She is survived by her loving husband; two children: Amber L. Harris, of Savannah and Mark W. Herron, of Virginia She attended and graduated from Bible Baptist School. When she was a teenager, she met the love of her life, Jack M.

McCorkle, Jr. They later married on August 18, In , they moved He was a loving, generous, selfless man, and devoted Christian. After retiring, he and his wife moved to Bluffton, SC. Jim loved spending quality time with his family, planning and going on vacations and seeing each day as a blessing Frances P. Guttery, 90, died April 6, at Oaks at Pooler surrounded by family, holding hands with two of her daughters. After suffering a stroke April 3rd, she had a brief stay at St.

Angus A. He was married for 60 years and is survived by his wife, Evelyn Robbie and two sons, Tony and Gregory Joan , his brother, Manning Georgiann , and his sister, Elizabeth Bill Mazurkiewicz. He is also survived by four grandchildren, Anthony, Sarah, Brandon and Amanda. Linton Grady Lanier, Jr. He graduated from Georgia Tech with a chemical engineering degree and began his career as Quality Control Manager at Hunt-Wesson Foods where he worked until his retirement. He volunteered at Candler Hospital and Savannah Joyce M.

A gathering for friends was held at the residence on Saturday, April 5, Dottavio, Jr. Arnold E. Cook, Jr. Cook, Sr. He was also a member of the Cathedral of St. Known as Patty to her family and friends, she was a strong woman, devoted daughter, mother, sister, grandmother, aunt and loyal friend. She was a homemaker, and a member of the Kensington Park She was born in Savannah, daughter of Thomas J. James Robert Rusty Beasley, Jr. She was born in Albany, GA, daughter of W. She was a loving wife, mother and grandmother. Gracie had a zest for life with a wonderful spirit of giving.

She will be remembered for her amusing and spunky personality and the sweetest Kathryn Harris Crosby passed peacefully on March 30th, in her home under the care of Hospice Savannah, surrounded by her husband and son. Kathy was born on June 15th, in Fairbanks, Alaska, an Army brat; however, she spent most of her life in Savannah.

Kathy attended Jenkins High School where she graduated with the class of Following graduation, Kathy attended Armstrong College where she graduated with a degree in Accounting. Kathy was a member of Isle of Hope United Methodist Jean Lighthorse, 65, passed away Friday, March 29, at St. Jean was born December 4, in Dayton, Ohio. She retired as a Registered Nurse after working many years for St. Myrna Loy Googe Wood, 78, passed away at her home on March 30, following a brief illness. Born on April 19, , she was a life-long resident of Savannah, Ga Sam Scott, 63, passed away on March 26, He was a long-time resident of Savannah, Georgia, and worked as a Histologist for over 25 years, most recently employed at Gastroenterology Consultants of Savannah Mosely was born and raised in Savannah.

She was married to Paul Mosely for 65 loving years Alma S. The native of Savannah was a graduate of Commercial High School and worked in retail until the birth of her son, then became a devoted housewife and mother. She and her late husband, Thomas E. Nease were married 61 years Lydia Bott Hadwin passed peacefully into eternal rest on March 23, Lydia was born on September 23, in Fulda, Germany, where she lived until meeting and falling in love with U.

Hadwin who was stationed in Fulda. After their marriage in they moved to Savannah, Georgia where she enjoyed a full life with her family and friends. Her family enjoyed her incredible cooking and the many special and delicious meals she prepared, especially her She was a member of First Baptist Church of Savannah A Visitation will be held Thursday from to p.

A private burial will be held at a later date On Friday, March 22nd, , Marilyn Seckinger, loving wife, mother to 12 children, and grandmother to 6, was called home to be with her Savior at the age of William Lawrence Madison passed peacefully at home on March 24, at the age of 85 after a long illness. He served in the Naval Reserve from high school through college. During his school years he was a talented basketball player. His career was spent as a highly successful and respected Certified Public Accountant Travis O.

Barnard, 41, passed away Tuesday, March 19, at his residence. He was born September 3, in Savannah, GA. The Ohio native came to Savannah as a child. Son of Estle and Marjorie Warman Bill Modlin, age of 66, passed away on Tuesday, March 19, Modlin and Lucille D. His love of technology was his passion, along with music and HAM radio.

When not pursuing career activities he liked to fish, cycle and play guitar She was born in Cheney, Kansas and lived in Savannah for many years. She was preceded in death by her husband Thomas E. Helen Allred Strozier died peacefully at her home on March 17, Devoted and much beloved wife of Robert I. Strozier, Helen stayed by his side from August until her death Ellen Flynn Spitz died on March 15, at St. A native of New York City, she came to love Savannah and called it her home too.