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Those are the ones who kill themselves because they are not being helped. Go online and research some stories, there was one guy who was punished with OTH after having his face disfigured after an IED explosion. He was drug tested and accused of using drugs. He was using his medication which had the same chemical as the drug tested. He was not given a chance to re test and explain himself. The Military is a tricky place.

You should consider others who need it the most and hear out their stories. This in incorrect.

Loss of Benefits

An security clearance investigation will look at why a person was given the discharge, has he been in trouble since does he continue the same behavior and how long ago it occured. June 28, at pm. Being a felon used to bar you from a clearance, but that has changed slightly. As there is a great deal of false information here are the requirements:. This process is not designed to select perfect people, but rather those people that exhibit high standards of honesty and integrity.

What may not disqualify you but may delay the receipt of a DoD clearance? Charles said:. September 5, at pm. Just as side note. As a recruit in I had a sleepwalking problem, which I had listed on my papers prior to enlistment in the Navy. We had just gotten a new CC because our old one had a drinking problem. I was very naive and immature and made the mistake of telling the Doctor that I wanted out after he yelled at me, he never gave me the chance to explain, Even though I had told my new CC I wanted to stay he sent me to medical anyway.

What a nightmare, spent two days being treated like a I was nut case, I was so naive I thought it was just a process for discharge. Went before the Captains Mast, explained to them how why I told the doctor I wanted out and said I would stay. They told me I would be set back in training but if I wanted out I would get an Honorable Discharge, because the investigation proved I was telling the truth I agreed to stay until they told me I was being set back in boot, so like an immature 18 year old I got out.

The Navy was right I was very immature,and a sleep walker but they took advantage of that,and railroaded me. God only knows what would have happened if I had stayed, maybe I would have matured faster and made a career in the Military or maybe I would have gotten in a lot of trouble. Who knows, times were different then, My biggest sin was immaturity and not believing that God would get me through bootcamp. My point is a lot of decent highly motivated teenagers are immature and the Military has no right to brand them for life. My recruiter knew I was a sleep walker before I went in and told me not to put it on my enlistment papers, thank God I did anyway.

Even at 56 years old I would still serve if asked and have a great deal of respect for our Military. Sarah said:.

What You Need to Know if You Receive an Other Than Honorable Discharge

October 22, at am. Branding with an OTH discharge is devastating even after 30 yrs. I was in the Navy and loved the Navy went through boot camp and the end of A school got into trouble, yes drugs it was drugs 18 yrs old, I made very poor choices, why and how went wrong, I got in with the wrong crowd.

I was the one it was my fault again I made poor choices. When I got out I worked hard went to nursing school, started with associates degree and went on to get bachelors in nursing, BSN, have worked in the operating room most of my career. Totally got it together. Have never got into trouble since except one speeding ticket. But should I be branded for life and never be given a chance.

People make mistakes. I think if you have proven to be a productive member of society that the OTH discharge should be upgraded. If the gov is afraid of the discharged member will want benefits then I believe the member that sustained theOTH stamp would sign a waiver for denying the benefits just upgrade the OTH. Ibietter Schmidt said:. January 6, at pm. I was a prosecutor trial counsel in the Marines for several years. Reference was made to the expansion and contraction of the service, and this definitely changed how cases were processed, in addition to the whim of the commander.

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New commanders always want to seem tough and will punish their people more harshly. The smallest incident can get you to a Court-Martial. Anna said:.

Types of Military Discharges

February 23, at pm. No one loved being a Marine more than me. I loved it.

I planned it for years in high school. I lived it before I even went to boot. But, I was a small town Christian girl, and I was naive. I was shunned. I was chastised for having drinks underage. I was given inadequate treatment.

No such thing as a national background check

I got hurt in training. I lost the job I had signed up for in enlistment. I went home for a spell on temp recruitment duty and had the recruiter making sexual comments to me which compounded to my mental suffering. When I reached my duty station I began to self destruct. I suffered from flashbacks and major depression in private.

For awhile on the surface I was excelling and leading my platoon. I got put as a roommate with a girl getting ready to be discharged for drug charges. I took a long weekend over labor day with some male USMC friends. We made friends with a couple camping next door at this lake which was a bit like spring break meets mardi gras weekend.

I went out on the jet ski with the man from the couple. He threatened to rape me on the other side of the lake in a remote area. He told me I need to do this or that and ride down the channel with him flashing people.

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I obeyed. I was terrified. It was almost a relief I got arrested. Having been abused and threatened, my PTSD and depression kicked into high gear. Thats what I knew about drugs. But that night… I fell straight into the world of drugs. Of all things… of all days…the day after I accidentally on purpose fell into this world…they had a Urinalysis.

I panicked and had my girlfriend take mine. All i wanted was help. Instead… I was punished by lockdown— lockdown with a roomate who was in trouble. Lockdown with all her friends who were also in trouble and regularly hung out in my room. They became the only people who paid any attention to me.

They were the ones who foiled my suicide. I was thrown under the bus, and they were the only ones— these bad eggs, that would help me survive. I was court martialed. But it was not to be…. But I was just a hurt immature mentally ill teenager who needed help. Am I that person now 14 years later? Thomas said:. May 8, at am. Joining the Navy was the biggest mistake of my life. I liked drinking with the boys. Everyone did it. They offered me alcohol treatment that was a joke. It felt more like summer camp and a vacation from the daily micromanagement that is the Navy. I only did the treatment program because I thought it would cause them to change their mind about discharging me and let me serve out the rest of my enlistment, one year.

They caught word that I drank one night and decided to tack on for reason of alcohol rehabilitation failure. Now I have that permanently tattooed on my record and I am embarrassed to show my DD to people. Stay away from the military. I was recently asked during an interview why I got out in three years.

I do not think that was his business to ask since it was a CPA firm but I was forthright. Yeah did not get that job. You civilians on here criticizing anything less than an honorable and talking about turning people away from your charity for veterans make me sick. Some of the worse people in my command had perfect records. Guys that would snort coke off their wall lockers take opiates and cheat on their spouses every chance they got. Some of the guys who got honorable discharges were straight up committing felonies on base. One guy was stealing peoples cars and going to mexico to buy prostitutes and smoke crack.

Thank God he was caught, but he only had about three months left on his enlistment when he was and the only reason he was caught is a couple of crooked Mexican cops searched his car while trying to cross. In doing so they tore the thing apart and made it irreparable. You have all done things in your life that if pulled in the Navy and being discovered by your Chief or CO you too would have a permanent dent on your record.

I signed the dotted line and took an oath while you were too cowardly to even consider serving your country. You have not earned that right until you have served and done your time. Then maybe I will let you shame me. My friends from the Navy do not. In fact everyone I knew contemplated going UA or smoking pot so they could pop and get out of their contract sooner.

The Military lifestyle sucks. And it is a lifestyle you know nothing about. It is designed that way and therefore no my DD should not be public record. I should have politely stated that the reason for my early release does not concern you to the employer and told him that if he chooses to use this against me I will take his ass to court as that is my right. Next time I am asked that this is exactly what I will say. Sorry for venting about ignorant moron civilians. Goingblind said:. June 16, at pm. Good God this is true.

New COs were notorious for hammering enlisted. Docs would dismiss injuries. Heaven forbid trying to get a records tooh-took me 24 years. I am not only concurring with you but want to mention a new concern- VA ID cards. Every person you show that to is going to question that, just like a less- than- honorable discharge printed on your DD Stoneheart said:.

June 13, at pm. Upon Arrival everything seemed to be going great just a little difficulty readjusting to the States. Well that very night we all got a little drunk but i just so happened to get pulled over and arrested for D. I in that moment so many things went through my head but i thought hey we will see. The very next day I got a civilian attorney on my side.

I was never convicted of that DWI to this day but still processed out. I was discharged general under honorable conditions for a crime that I in all actuality never even committed. I want to get my discharge upgraded but not completely sure on it. I feel like i was cheated out of everything real kicker since up until then i had never had so much as a negative counciling or anything so yea they dont care and in a sense i think the whole military justic e system needs to be looked at and revised just as anything else with time.

Garcia said:. October 7, at am. I spent 5 years active duty Army, with 2 deployments under my belt, one to Iraq and another to Afghanistan. Upon my last deployment I was assaulted and suffered from erratic sleep patterns, paranoia and a list of other neurological problems that kept me from sleeping for days. Due to my ability to stay up for days they prescribed me sleep and mood altering medication as commanders and others noticed my personality had changed drastically , which when taken caused me to miss formations, sleep in, be lethargic and be in a horrible mood.

I went to airborne school, air assault school PLDC, SERE B and was selected for special ops while in, which I never got to asses for due to my problems stemming from my head trauma from an assault that happened off post while on active duty.

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I know they were coming up on another deployment and seemed as if they rushed me out. Good old st I have managed to keep employment where I am currently at since my departure from the military, been promoted to a manager and am working my way to graduating with my bachelors in the upcoming months. Would now be a good time to try and apply for an upgrade as the VA recognized me with these disabilities when the ARMY did not.

Exactly 8, of those discharges happened between through There isn't much information online about Gender Orientation and correcting your military discharge online for research purposes. Individuals who are entering the military are subject to both a physical and a mental examination. If such an individual states that he or she is transgender, transsexual or trans-identified, then they will be rejected as unfit under the applicable medical standards of the branch of service the individual is attempting to join. An individual who has undergone any sort of gender modification, such as hormones or gender-confirming surgery, will be rejected both from the perspective of being psychologically unfit as well as having had surgery that is considered a "major genital abnormality or defect.

Moreover, falsification of the entries on the form may be construed to be a fraudulent enlistment and subjects the service member "to UCMJ penalties and discharge. The military does not recognize the professional standards of care when it comes to hormone therapy, living in the appropriate gender identity, and gender confirming surgery. Consequently, the military will not provide the medical support necessary to assist a service member in transitioning from his or her original gender identity to the target identity. Making use of the military's medical and psychological services to address trans-related issues can also be problematic for a service member as "conversations with military health-care providers are not confidential and any statement concerning being transgender can, and most likely will, be reported to their commands and separation proceedings begun.

Reading over this small section, appealing a discharge due to gender orientation would be hopeless because there hasn't been updates regarding the ability to join or stay in the military and collecting sufficient evidence to provide unjust discharge, at this point in time, would be unfruitful.

According to Wikipedia :. Also in , the Army issued a directive that protected transgender soldiers from being dismissed by mid-level officers by requiring the decision for discharge to be made by the service's top civilian for personnel matters. Also in , Navy Secretary Ray Mabus signed a memorandum directed to the chief of Naval operations and commandant of the Marine Corps stating: "Effective immediately, separations initiated under the provisions of the reference for service members with a diagnosis or history of gender dysphoria, who identify themselves as transgender, or who have taken steps to externalize the condition, must be forwarded to the assistant secretary of the Navy manpower and reserve affairs for decision.

Later in , Defense Secretary Ash Carter ordered the creation of a Pentagon working group "to study over the next six months the policy and readiness implications of welcoming transgender persons to serve openly. According to Wikipedia, many branches of the military will not discharge a service member for gender identity. There was nothing online I could find about being able to appeal a discharge for those who were discharged due to gender identity. I couldn't find if the military will allow those with gender identity to enlist in the military.

I assume based on what I've read, that until those with gender identity concerns can serve openly in the military, those with pre-existing discharges that are Other Than Honorable will not be able to appeal. There are military discharge upgrade lawyers available in every almost state, we did search through Utah and there was only one posted.

We are not linking to any because we believe you should find a reputable one, which would be hard for me to research every single one in every single state. We recommend looking them up, finding any complaints or reviews on the lawyer. Lawyers can be expensive and the process of Appeals may be long depending on the evidence gathering needed, so this is something you'll want to research before you call a lawyer.

The easiest place to start is your State Bar, as they will have a list of lawyers you can search through and narrow down from there. This Edition provides detailed instructions on how to submit claims for benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs new intake center and uses the successful "Fully Developed Claim Process" for faster and better decisions. View the Book This section provides downloadable files of the most commonly used VA Forms for senior veterans seeking benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

View the Forms Become a member of the SVSA and help our organization support the needs of senior veterans who served their country in a time of need. Learn more about the benefits of membership. Individuals and services listed on this web site are also not affiliated with VA. Only individuals of the SVSA and those listed on this site who are accredited by VA may be involved in the preparation, presentation, or prosecution of a claim for veterans benefits. What Is Required? Needing Help with Appeals, My Recommendation There are military discharge upgrade lawyers available in every almost state, we did search through Utah and there was only one posted.

Sources [1] en. How to Apply Book. How to Apply for VA Benefits for Veterans and Their Survivors This Edition provides detailed instructions on how to submit claims for benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs new intake center and uses the successful "Fully Developed Claim Process" for faster and better decisions.

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