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Instead, state background check laws are more effective when they work in tandem with other measures requiring state or local permits to purchase weapons, which often include additional requirements for fingerprinting and handgun safety training. The combination, experts say, has reduced firearm homicides, suicides and shootings of law enforcement officers, as well as illegal gun trafficking.

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Webster said. But only so much can be gleaned from the experience of state background check laws because of the same problem that often befalls places with tighter gun laws: It is harder to force changes if nearby states have weaker regulations, which is one reason calls for universal background checks have been growing. A stronger background check system most likely would not have prevented the massacres in Texas and Ohio, though other pending legislation, like a proposed assault weapons ban or new laws to temporarily take firearms away from people who appear to be dangerously unstable, could have had an effect.

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But Mr. In , he used the gun to open fire at a spa in suburban Milwaukee where his wife worked, killing her and two other women before he killed himself. In , Travis Spitler bought a handgun from a private seller even though he was also subject to a domestic protection order that should have prevented him from getting the weapon. He used the gun to kill his ex-girlfriend and wound two of her children at a Las Vegas day care center before killing himself.

Some gun sales involving licensed dealers have also shown why the federal background check system needs to be strengthened even more, gun violence prevention groups say. A man who killed more than two dozen people at a Texas church in passed a background check at a licensed gun dealer because the Air Force failed to report to the federal background check database that he had been convicted at court-martial of domestic assault charges that should have barred him from gun ownership.

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And the man who killed nine people at a Charleston, S. Some legislation now before Congress would significantly lengthen that window — which gun control advocates say would have given the authorities time to discover that the Charleston killer was prohibited from owning guns. They and other opponents also note that criminals overwhelmingly obtain guns that they use in their crimes not from licensed dealers or even unlicensed gun show sellers, but from sources like friends or the black market.

In turn, experts point out that universal background checks would help address the problem of sellers who supply criminals with weapons in these types of transactions, often doing so without having to fear prosecution in most states. And there is also evidence that state background check laws can significantly influence online gun sales by discouraging private sellers from doing business with buyers without first completing the proper checks. Everytown for Gun Safety, which favors tighter gun laws, made a striking discovery when it examined one major online firearms marketplace: More than 80 percent of unlicensed sellers on the site who were from states with background check laws said that they would require background checks before they would sell a weapon.

But only 6 percent of sellers who were from states without similar laws said they would require the checks. The New England Journal of Medicine. Massachusetts Medical Society. Published online at nejm. Reason Foundation. The Telegraph. Telegraph Media Group. Sullivan, Cheryl January 12, Christian Science Monitor. Martinez, Michael January 28, Cable News Network.

Archived from the original on February 8, Retrieved February 7, These Internet sales really are the new gun shows. Daily Beast. The Huffington Post. Smart Gun Laws. Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

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